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Lillie YiFu writes, quite simply, about sex in Second Life here:

Now syndicated to LiveJournal at 2ndsex.
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Fascinated to find blogger Pagan Marbury (aka Marbury Ballinger) writing about sex and (occasionally) Second Life at http://thongspeed.blogspot.com - I have syndicated this to thongspeed if anyone is interested.
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Belgian election candidate Tania Derveaux is offering 40,000 blow-jobs to her voters - with the option of taking up the offer in Second Life.

I'm not sure how serious this is but thought it was worth noting!
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Dan Savage, in the latest edition of that great advice column Savage Love, has advice for a Second Life user who writes as follows:
letterCollapse )
I shall be honest and admit that I am in a similar position to Dan Savage's correspondent; in particular, I had come up with the same three golden rules independently. I am heartened by Savage's response, which is that Second Life is about healthy fantasy -
"No sex in SL, honey, promise" is simply "Of course I don't think of anyone else when we make love" updated for the technology age.
Of course, it doesn't seem to be that way for everyone; I know from what I read on my friends list here and from onversations I've had in-game that there are a lot of people who take their SL relationships very seriously indeed.

But for me personally - and I'm sorry if this seems shallow - it is more about the thrill of shared sexy experience with someone on the other side of the world, and it is an alternative - a better alternative - to solo stimulation at the screen. I've been reading erotica on-line pretty much since I've been on-line; but I hadn't tried cybersex properly until I joined Second Life. I think that Trefula Kasey puts it very well in a recent blog entry:
Recent research shows that the average 2.0 people per event who participate in assisted sex care of Second Life seem to be having a whole lot of non-virtual fun. Because there is actually someone else involved - another bag of DNA elsewhere else on the planet shares this wholesome activity with you. Another needs to expand their skills or personal expression. Or maybe you're just both getting off real hard together.
Of course, everyone's mileage varies.
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Thanks to several of you who have reciprocated my friending your LJ accounts. I've offered you Second Life friendship as well, and hope we can catch up in-game.

I was seriously embarrassed the other day when I realised that the "wonderful palatial residence" of my last post was in fact a furniture store. This was pointed out to me by a lady who I was trying to impress. Not that I got very far; she was dealing with a recently broken heart, poor thing, and we had a long chat at the Heavenly Rose Gardens which were indeed much more suitable surroundings. Will bear her advice in mind for the future.
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I do really do more than just look around Second Life for sex, honest. There are some fantastic creations out there, and I fully intend to spend some time exploring them. (Recommendations from anyone reading this much appreciated.)

However, I had a wonderful time the other night with the lovely JJ. She happened to be around in the Passion Pit at a point that I was exploring it as well; and we hit it off well. However, the Passion Pit despite its many poseball options is a bit public and, to be honest, easy to get interrupted; we went exploring a bit more, and I took her to the Dungeon at Odds and Ends, and then tried to get into the nice mountain cabin bit of l'Utopie that I had seen before, but instead ended up in this wonderful palatial residence. The eroticism of the facilities was less, but the key sexual organ in all of this is the brain; plus of course the sense of being on our own, far away from First Life concerns, and able to shag each other senseless without consequences, all made for a lovely evening.
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I bumped into the lovely AxA Rossini somewhere - I think South Beach - and persuaded her to bring me up to her skypad. My first real full-on attention from a Second Life Escort, and it was very good fun. She even took a nice snaphot of herself impaled upon me, sitting on her kitchen chair; can't seem to find it now though. She subsequently asked me to make sure I write her up properly, and I gladly do so. She says she's only been doing this for a couple of weeks; hope she stays in practice, and will be glad to help her explore further possibilities.

A few hours later, just messing around in general, I ended up at, er, the Free Sex Orgy Palace and couldn't get out. Found myself chatting for a good long while to an Australian lady, mainly making fun of the other users. But then, after a while, I suggested that we might make use of the facities. Crumbs, she really was dynamite. Cybersex with someone on the other side of the world! A real turnon.
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A very pleasant chat with the lady referred to in my first entry, who introduced me to the tremendously romatic surroundings of l'Utopie. Very interesting to find somewhere which is romantic rather than erotic. So much of Second Life is basically about sex, but there are nuances, as I am discovering.
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Well, that was great fun. Looking around Odds & Ends, and met the lovely Sameera who was gardening. We were in the middle of having a whale of a good time when Second Life crashed. Oh well. Next time!
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Who would have thought it so difficult to put on a penis? I bought one for $500, and then found myself carrying it around in my inventory because I hadn't managed to get it out of the box. This led to some rather unsatisfactory play when I visited the NC-17 club again; not the fault of the lovely Jovera, but there you go. Will hope for better luck, and better coordination, next time.
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